At Loomideck we believe that online collaboration is a daily and continuous process. The more you collaborate the more professional you get. Each member of the team, in any organization: be it small or multinational company needs to excel and have effective means of exchanging, sharing information and collaboration; The platform needs to be easy to use and straightforward, so it becomes fun and easy not only to collaborate but to train members of the team in any subject required.

Loomideck delivers: we just simplified the way you can easily communicate, share, collect and use information within your team. Moreover, Loomideck helps you to collaborate more effectively while working on specific goals and projects.
Of course, you want to be able to evaluate your team’s knowledge when it comes to certain topics. Loomideck’s superbly designed and intuitive collaboration environment allows to carry out evaluations easily!
To sum up: With Loomideck you will aggregate interesting and valuable enterprise team content, be in touch with what is relevant to you and your colleagues, discuss things in virtual meeting rooms, assign tasks and evaluate your team's knowledge.

Forget clumsy, over-featured and constant support requiring collaboration and e-learning systems, choose “Loomideck”!


For all new users we give a lifetime Basic subscription plan for free while Loomideck is in BETA and we are making final polishing. Be among the first ones to experience redesigned enterprise social networking!

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Basic plan is not enough for your organization? Consider upgrading to Premium or Gold! Don't forget that you can upgrade, downgrade and cancel your subscription at any time.

  • Basic: 0$/month

    For all new users we give a lifetime Basic plan for free while Loomideck is in BETA. Hurry up!

    2 teams Unlimited amount of users 5 GB of storage
  • Premium: 55$/month

    This plan is crafted for medium enterprises for hassle free projects management.

    5 teams Unlimited amount of users 60 GB of storage
  • Gold: 99$/month

    The best option for medium and larger enterprises and educational institutions.

    Unlimited amount of teams Unlimited amount of users 1TB of storage

Be Good!

At Loomideck we believe in goodness. If your organization does something good for charity, drop us a line at shine@loomideck.com and we will help you. You will receive a “Loomideck” account for free. We love to help!


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